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Last In Line (Molly):









Last In Line (Molly):





Unknown (ISP)


Unknown (ISP)




We've had Molly for almost 2 years. In the first week we had her my daughter, then 9 went off to junior camp such was the confidence Molly gave her. 
We've done all the camps going! Rallies, team training, showjumping and eventing up to 80cm. Molly also hunts and carries a sidesaddle.
She is good to handle from the ground, catch, clip, shoe, load 


all can be done by children. stands to be washed for hrs! Everyone can ride her from granny down to a smallish 8yo. And fairly non horsey visitors! In fact this last winter my kids pretty much did their ponies on their own as my leg was in plaster for easily 3 months! Molly and Talulla looked after Tabitha 8 on her new and sharper pony whilst riding round our farm and on the roads. 
Molly has been brilliant giving Talulla a lot of confidence and is forward going but goes in a rhythm. She is brilliant when in a group going for a ride and cantering about and is also totally fine on her own. She will happily turn away from her friends for example to herd sheep and lambs that gone awol. She will ride and lead. She is very level in Behaviour and doesn't change if not ridden for a while, or lacks turn out. She can also be the last to go in the group at rallies when xc schooling without getting in a fuss when others go off. And is easy to look after. She has given great confidence in the 60-80cm bracket She has won and been placed from. 60-80cm sj both in arenas and on grass and has contributed to many team rosettes, and won and placed many times eventing(again 60-80 bracket) I would say that she doesn't really enjoy jumping over 80cm. Though we did jump abit bigger out hunting.

She did once get attached to a mare we had borrowed for a couple of weeks though it had no interest in her! It also had others that became attached to it too! And when it went away she did a rear. This has never happened again!
She has always had good health and soundness since we've had her. She does have sensitive skin on her near hind and sometimes not much hair. We sometimes put a hind boot on when working. And put cream on any scratches. And is currently on (30) Steroid pills every other day. This hasn't prevented us from doing anything we wanted. 

Last in Line

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